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    Default Obama convicted of treason, identity theft

    [quote]The U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 to convict Barack Obama of high treason, overturning a not-guilty verdict that was upheld by an appeals court. The treason charge relates to his use of a forged certificate of live birth to claim falsely that he was born in the United States. In doing so, he circumvented the constitutional language requiring the president to be a natural-born citizen. The court’s conservative bloc had sought the death penalty for Mr. Obama, although it agreed to a lesser sentence of 7 years in federal prison followed by a lifetime of house arrest to win the vote of Anthony Kennedy.

    Obama was also found guilty, by a 5-4 margin, on 13 counts of felony identity theft and 14 counts of possession of a forged instrument, all but one for carrying bogus social security cards. (Ten additional counts were thrown out at the prosecution’s request.) For this, he was fined $27,000 and sentenced to 13 months in prison.

    Additionally, the court ruled 8-1 that Obama would be incapacitated if imprisoned. The lone dissenter was Sonia Sotomayor, who was appointed by Obama. Obama is to be transported to federal prison in Chicago on April 7. Joe Biden’s inauguration as president is set for Tuesday, April 6.

    The author of the majority opinion, Antonin Scalia, wrote: “Obama has used his relationship with several media outlets to openly defy the constitution, and must be brought to justice despite any instability his conviction may cause.”

    The lead author of the dissenting opinion, Ms. Sotomayor, lamented, “It is unconscionable that the court would convict a sitting president on fabricated charges.” Many of Obama’s supporters echoed that sentiment, but the word of the law is final.

    A 93-year-old man whose identity was stolen by Obama breathed a sigh of relief. “Now I can live out my life in peace. People thought I just wanted attention. Now they know the truth,” he said. The other twelve identities Obama was found to have stolen were of deceased people whose records were once held by his grandmother in Hawaii. Obama had believed, falsely, that this man was also dead, which is why he was targeted.

    Conservative activists said this court decision would lead to the nullification of any actions Obama took since being elected, though legal experts disagreed. “You can’t just say the last 17 months never happened,” said a spokesperson for the American Bar Association. “Any lawsuit to nullify Obama’s work will likely be seen as frivolous, just as Nixon’s work couldn’t be reversed when he was forced out of office.”

    Nonetheless, the decision could provide a boost to states seeking to require that presidential candidates show a valid birth certificate in order to be placed on the ballot. Such laws could prevent this type of fraud from reoccurring.[.quote]

    It's about time this nigger get locked up! Enjoy the Chicago prison, nigger!

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    You just posted the same thing on cuckymania under the same name.

    Sort of a lame April fools joke if you ask me. Don't publish fake news.
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    Not a bad work of fiction tho. One can dream....
    Normal color means it's me, feel free to argue.

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    sorry not funny in the times we are in-as we watch america come to an end-i am not amused

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    Coon Giblets & Boon Gravy

    Default Need some creative writers!

    This should be presented as a short story like a weekly sci-fi short. It can be a prophetic warning or something like the re-introduced series "V" where we may expect the deluded earthlings to wake up and fight back.

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    Default Check!

    Quote Originally Posted by redleg112 View Post
    sorry not funny in the times we are in-as we watch america come to an end-i am not amused
    Yeah. Really.

    I know I am a pessimist - can't help it, been taught it all my 50+ years in the South dealing with GOD DAMNED NIGGERS. I hate niggers. All niggers.

    Having said that, I can't help but echo REDLEG's sentiment - "america coming to an end". It is, my CO friends, it is. Some time ago I posted something about greasy greedy YT CEO's selling jobs to india, argentina, and elsewhere, only to get slammed by others saying I was "gibs me dat". No I ain't gibs me dat. It isn't that way. I don't want anything given to me, period. White American workers can compete and BEAT any other workers in the world, but (here's the kicker), it has to be a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. If greedy pieces of shit who only care about their next bonus do not consider quality, then fuck it - they off shore everything that can be off shored, take their bonus, and run. The net result is that American is weakened. It's weakened because there are now a bunch more people with no jobs and no fucking prospects -- BECAUSE companies will not even let us compete with the foreign pieces of SHIT that are accepting the jobs. At the same time I call them pieces of shit, I can't blame them. The blame lies with the crusty, largely WHITE (don't blame me, they're god-damned white niggers) CEO's and upper echelon management sending jobs to other countries. All for $99 blu-ray dvd players. We're being sold out. America is being sold out. Niggers (black pieces of shit of AFRICAN HERITAGE) and all of their behavior (it's not a legitimate culture, but a simple muh-dik behavior) is pounding it home. Maybe it's poetic justice. The slave traders that fucked us in the ass by bringing those god-damned animals here in the first place are really to blame. Fuck them and their descendants for eternity.

    Y'all have a nice night.

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    ID Thief Obama

    Default Cotesworth is on our side!

    [QUOTE=Ronald McGregor;502289 Don't publish fake news.[/QUOTE]

    The news was fake, but the fact that Obama committed treason and identity theft in the manner described by Cotesworth is very real. If those in power were not such elitists, Obama would be held to the same standard as anyone else and prosecuted for these crimes.

    The birth certificate issue is not the only instance of Obama committing treason. Another example would be his mortgaging of the country to China and Japan, essentially "sub-prime" at the federal level. According to the Constitution, each of the two acts of treason is punishable by death. If only the federal courts had the courage to prosecute, we would not need to worry about Barack Hussein Obama any more.

    It is also no secret that Obama stole upward of 20 identities some time ago to hide his status as an illegal immigrant. though the statute of limitations might have passed in those cases.

    The fact that you disagree with Cotesworth's tactics is irrelevant. We all need to work together to overcome Nigger Obama's effort to sell our country to China, Iran, and the numerous other beneficiaries of an American demise.



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