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    Default Why do they put niggers in charge of ANYTHING

    I hate niggers...

    Now where was I? Oh yes..putting a nigger in charge of anything...

    Today I went to pay our property taxes....and beings we have property in 2 states (TN and NC) I get to drive to NC to pay for whats across the state line. Which isnt bad cause there is a nice restraunt over there with excellent bar-be-que...Now that some serious eatin (lol). I thought, since its a beautiful day, I'm going to let the top down on the husband's MG and ddrive it. He has a restored 64 MG all red n sheet gnomewhutahsayin? It's so much fun to drive

    ANYWAY, I paid the TN tax and got a reciept and everything was kosher. Went out just in time to see some trashed up niggermobile driving off in a cloud of smoke...and my front headlight on my husbands car all busted out, which sent me in a rage. I guarantee you that it was a nigger..some pimped out BROWN impala with fucking spinners, doesnt take Einstein to figure out it was a I get out the cell phone to call the PO PO. Now mind you, city hall is NEXT DOOR to the police station and in about 15 min, some fat ass sheboon waddles out, eating a Subway sammich and gets in one of their Cushmans and DRIVES over...lights couldn't have been more than 100 FT and hobbles her big ass out, sammich in one hand, coke in the other, holding a bag of chips in her inflate to 40 lbs nigger lips.

    "Kin Ah seez yo licunce n reg-a-tration" she mumbles and sits on the HOOD of my car. Now mind you, these cars arent the toughest things in the world and no fat ass sheboon is going to crush the hood with her fat fucking ass so I scream "Get off my fucking hood" . Sure fucking enough, there is a dent in the hood where that fat ass sit down. "Oh dat'll pop right out" she says and hits the hood with her fist, trying to pop out the dent which just makes it worse!! "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY CAR" I scream at her and she jumps back and spills the coke on her uniform. "Gawd Damnz" she screeches and I couldnt help but laugh. I dont know if you ever seen a nigger turn red before but this one was postively GLOWING with anger. She dont say a word but gets back in the Cushman and DRIVES back to the Po Po station and GOES IN! I'm just kinda standing there and in a few MORE minutes, another policeman comes over, his face all red from laughing. "Just what did you do to LaQuisha (the names have been changed to protect the niggers, they are such a endangered species n sheet). I didnt do a damn thing to her, but look at what her fat ass did to my car. "She's a big un all right" he says and lifts the hood, and pops it back out. Normally I wouldnt let it go at that but he did get it all out. You couldnt tell it so I let it go. He fills out a report and tells me that all it needs is a new headlight, it didnt dent anything but to be safe, take it to the garage and get them to replace it. He said if it was damaged and all to give him a call and he'd submit his report. He leaves still laughing at that stupid nigger sow.

    I took it over to the garage where we get our stuff worked on and they put a headlight in, checked it over well for damage and assured a hysterical blonde that its all ok. I then drive towards NC to pay my taxes over there. As I got closer to my house I think I shouldnt tempt fate and get my car instead but felt soo good with the top down I decided to just chance it...Arent those famous last words?? So I went on up the mountain and into NC where I had to stop for some gas and pulled into a convience store I stop at all the time. A nigger is getting out of his hooptie and saunters over like one of his legs is broken and almost gets to the car and starts yelling "WHOOO WHEEE...WHAZ YA GOIN" flashing a gold toofus when about this time a state trooper pulls in and gets out to go in the store. When that nigger seen him get out he left faster than the last piece of KFC at a nigger reunion. I guess I should have been scared but you know, I think I was more mad than anything. I aint getting muh diked by a nigger and I do have my little firestar 45 acp in my purse.

    So on to round 2 of my taxes. I get in the building and some old fucking buck whistles at me. I just keep walking, trying not to act like it bothered me. When I get in the office to pay my taxes I see 3 humans and a nigger so I start counting whos in front of me and figures out that I'd get the nigger so I stepped back and let a little old lady in front of me. She can get a nigger if she wants. But you know, it cant be that easy and I get up next and the person in front of the nigger steps away. NEXT she yells out, her big fat nigger lips popping. "FUCK" I think to myself and try to ignore her when the stupid bitch behind me says "You're next" and nods toward the nigger. Ok damn I mumble and go to the nigger. "Kin ah hep yoose". I pull out the form and a check and tells her that I need to pay my property tax. Simple you'd think but with a nigger? You gotta be kidding me! Its' never EVER easy. All she had to do was type in the number and take a fucking check. But nooo..not this nigger. She looks at the check and the tax form and gets up..waddles off and comes back in a few minutes with another girl. This nigger points to the screen and her face lights up and she proudly exclaims "Dere...see...dey owes $6,000 in back taxes". The other girl looks at the screen and rolls her eyes..."thats the accessed back taxes COLLECTED" she exclaims and rolls her eyes. This nigger doesnt get it and still protests that "NUT UH...DEMS TAXES OWED" and heads off, I guess to find someone else. The other girl smiles and says "You cant get good help anymore" and takes my check, gets a reciept and I'm out the door before Shitlock Groids unravels another mystery.

    Why do they put niggers in charge of ANYTHING?
    Gib dat nigger 2 weeks o' choppin cotton and see how his attitude changes

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    Great story, the scary part is that this goes on a thousand times a day all over the country. Niggers with power = fail for YT.

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    2 words- Affirmative Action.

    Then these dumb sonsa bitches call this asshole every time there's a problem.

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    JustOneFix is right. It is affirmative action. I work for a local government and we have to hire niggers and keep a quota of them. I still don't know what they do. Thankfully none works in my dept but once and a while I have to interact with one from another dept and I can't understand a word he says. It is like old school jive right out the movie airplane. Most of us just requested he sends emails since no one else can understand him.

    Their idea of the dress code is different. Business casual means Nikes, baggy shorts and sport shirts along with a do-rag or hat to them. The sows all wear skin tight clothes and flip flops.

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    I never deal with niggers if I can help it-I think we're all on the same page there. But when you do have to deal with them they are always incompetent. Almost every time I deal with niggers something happens. They fuck something up and they're rude and obnoxious. I can't believe any of these idiots get hired. Yet you see them in the post office-police force-utility companies. Very very few can even handle their jobs but they all keep them. If niggers were hired on the strength of work ethich about 3 of them would be employed.

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    Branch Managers, swinging around in the org trees. Give that ape a briefcase! Apefirmative Actscoon an' sheeit, noam sayun?

    "Shitlock Groids"
    Niggers put the "ape" in "rape".

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    Sorry you had to have such a shitty day! If I had that many coontacts
    in one day, I'd be ready for a mental hospital.



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