if anyone is looking for something new and exciting to start, u should definatly start skateboarding. if u think you are too old to start, think again. my work partner is 37 years old and hes an awsome vert skate. if anyone decides to start boarding, feel free to ask me for tips on different kinds of tricks because i know many of the basics. i know how to:

ollie ( a really really high one) (fakie)
shuvit ( fakie)
backside pop shuvit ( fakie)
360 backside pop shuvit (fakie)
frontside pop shuvit
frontside 180 ollie
half cab
kickflip (fakie
heelflip ( i kinda unlearned this one but im getting it again)
varial kickflip
treflip ( cant really do it but i have alot of knowlege about it sdo maybe u may learn it)

i can make a youtube video on it or i can even show it to u step by step in web cam form.