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    Default My experiences with niggers working in the public education system

    I've had a couple of jobs in the public education system back before I started my career, pretty much as math tutors. If you are familiar with the Dallas area, you know that Dallas itself is infested with niggers (except downtown Dallas and parts of north Dallas (where George W. Bush now lives) that are very rich, but even these regions are starting to become overrun with niggers). For nearly 20 years, the suburb Plano has had an excellent school system, and this is a school system that is dominated by whites and Asians. I actually went to Plano public schools when I was in elementary and middle school, and even parts of high school.
    Richardson, another suburb of Dallas, has been for years also a pretty good school district. However, in recent years, the demographics of Richardson have changed to where black students are increasingly found in its schools due to government attempting to "de-segregate" the schools. Richardson public schools have officially gone to shit ever since; it is sad, because this is really a change that just occurred within the past five years.

    My first tutoring position was in Plano. I tutored math there, and found the students intelligent and competent when it came to math. Almost all of the Asian students were very quick to learn, and were very interested in math. White students were less competent and interested in general, but many white students were on par with the Asian students, and in fact the best math student I had was white. I had made so many contacts at this school from students and parents who loved me as a tutor that I started doing some private tutoring for some of these students outside of school, making some pretty good money.

    I moved around, quit the tutoring scene for a while, and then a couple of years later got back into it. This time I started tutoring in Richardson. I tutored at a high school that was definitely not in a bad area. This high school was also known for being an excellent school, until recently. Thanks to school district lines being redrawn and thousands of niggers relocating to the Dallas area after Katrina, Richardson schools had become flooded with black students. Most of the students I tutored were black, in fact. It was a COMPLETELY different experience from when I tutored the whites and Asians in Plano. These black students simply did not have the mental capacity to learn what I was teaching them. I remember 10th and 11th graders basic algebra, such as solving for the variable in the equation 2x + 4 = 8. Save for two white girls (the only two white people I tutored), a Hispanic boy, and a black girl from Ethiopia, everyone seemed to struggled with solving algebraic equations such as that. The worst part is that they NEVER learned! Even at the end of the year, my students STILL did not get it. It was immensely frustrating. Even black kids who actually seemed like they wanted to learn still struggled.

    What was even more aggravating was how the teachers seemed to cater to the black students. They taught black students that in order to solve that algebraic equation, you had to "take the baby to its mamma", which meant that you would have to collect like terms together. Why not just explain it as "like terms"? I happened to know some teachers and faculty working in the administration at the school. I had long conversations with some of them outside of school (one lady is actually one of my relatives). They would speak of how excellent the school was many years ago. Once blacks started flooding the school, classes had to be dumbed down, the police presence at the school had to be nearly quadrupled, it seemed as if nearly every black girl was either pregnant or already had kids. Teachers would be physically threatened by black students. White students, and especially Asian students would be the targets of racially motivated bullying and violence. After the black students flooded the school, nearly all of the Asian students left because it got so bad for them. The black kids would absolutely TORMENT the Asian kids. If white students had done to black students even half of what the black students did to the Asian students or white students, they would be suspended immediately. As it was, everyone turned a blind eye to the black students racially bullying everyone else, unless they resorted to actual physical violence, which was very common. Teachers quit in droves after the black students flooded the school, especially the pretty young white female teachers, who would be repeatedly sexually harassed by the black boys. One such teacher was actually raped by a black boy a few years back, in broad daylight in the parking lot.

    There were MULTIPLE arrests every day at that high school after the nigger invasion, where before there were only a few arrests every YEAR. At one point a couple of years ago, there was an enormous fight where several hundred black students attacked a big group of Hispanic students. Many people were hurt and hospitalized, including many innocent bystanders.

    Niggers ruin everything. What the hell is the point of spending billions of dollars every year to "educate" niggers, when they don't even learn anything, half of them just end up in prison, and the other half just live off of welfare?

    Share your experiences with niggers in the public education system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Out of Detroit View Post
    I have personally experienced this in my own youth. When i was in Elementary School I was " Bused " to an all Nigger School. Every day the couple White kids and the 2 Hispanic kids got our asses beaten. Eventually I got to the point where I started to develop the " hit first ask questions later" mentality. Fortunately for me I had two parents that actually took notice of this and fought tooth and nail to get me out of there. Ever since I have hated Niggers with a passion.

    Niggers don't want to learn, they can't see past their " mah diks".

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    Niggers need there own school. Putting these monsters with human children does nothing more than cripple the whole education system. It only takes one nigger to deny education to children that want to learn. They are not capable to be at par with humans and are nothing but a bottleneck to the system.

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    Welcome to TNB

    Tolerance for niggershines is inversely proportional to exposure to niggershines.

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    Niggers are a menace to society. Plain and simple

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    Default Nigglets

    I have had some experience with tutoring nigger spawn and for all those libtards who say their environmental conditions are to blame this is a wakeup call. These young simans had no real abstract thought, none whatsoever. They cannot be schooled, they are as dumb as a box of rocks since birth. They have no compassion for their fellow students, its as if they were bread for violence and mayhem. Pouring money into these schools is a waste, I only wish the best for human teachers who have to put up with young TNB.

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    your post reminded me of my first High School, in the 8 months I attended Two niggers were killed nearby, Four were arrested with concealed weapons, and Two others were actually caught brandishing guns (n sheit), I remember that school was highly segregated (asians only hung out with asians, hispanics with hispanics, whites with whites) but on one occasion one of my asian buddys (Jimmy Tran) was being made fun of because he liked to break dance at lunch time, anyway the niggers were saying he was a fag and other shit, even though he did it to stay in shape and as part of his martial arts techniques, anyway some nigger threw a rock at him his asian brethren got into it with the niggers, I went and so did all the other hispanics, it was a big ass melee of about 60 kids, I remember we were pounding on those niggers, and since everyone saw what happened and how it started no one actually got in trouble (we had a coon principle) after that my parents put me in a no nig school, out of 2000 something students only 10 were blacks, and they were the four eyed magic kind.
    "It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind." Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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    The public school system is where I got my first taste of TNB, and where my hatred for the evil beasts began. I still remember going to a fuxated Toronto school in the mid to late 70s. Our school was overrun by Jamaicoons, like most of Toronto is. Evil, dirty, nasty, vile animals Jamaicans are. Extremely violent pavement apes.

    In the third grade, I got into an argument with this spook, and he said we'd take it to the schoolyard. Of course, I got jumped and sucker punched by at least five of the vile animals. Bloody nose, chipped tooth, breath knocked out of me and torn clothing. I learned from that day, never, ever, trust a nigger under any circumstances.
    "Coon Coon... Black Baboon.... Brutal, Worthless, Thieving Goon..... Often High, Thrives in Jail.... Welfare Cheque is in the Mail... "

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    One, two, FREE…

    Aha…so that's why they want to steal everything...



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