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    Default Why Niggers Stink!

    Because niggers evolved in a hot climate, they perspire more and urinate less. Thus, there is some bodily waste that gets excreted through the pores including urea -- a component of urine.

    Niggers have much larger sweat glands than the white man, they also produce a very large amount of melanin that has a very bad odor.
    When I used to box, I boxed a few Niggers. The odor that came off them was so foul, it made you want to gag.

    No matter how much soap or how many showers I took. I still had that funky musky smell on me.

    Plus when a nigger washes himself in piss, he only add's insult to injury.

    It's a medically proven fact. It's called APOCRINE BROMHIDROSIS.

    Apocrine bromhidrosis occurs in all races, but there are some variations in racial incidence. Individual's of African ancestry apocrine glands are the largest and most active.
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    Link #2

    Link #3

    "Bromhidrosis is believed to be more common in patients of dark-skinned ethnicity (niggers). Bromhidrosis exhibits a male predominance, which probably is a reflection of the fact that apocrine glands are more active in men than in women.
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    Thanks for the science behind the stink Nigger bathing in piss just kind of puts the cherry on top.

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    Does "Bromhidrosis" also cause all that grease as well, or is that from just not bathing?

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    i think they have a seperate gland in "they booty" that is similar to that of a skunk, and can spray their stench where they please
    Love, S
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    Niggers, the deadlist animal in africa

    Hurrican LoQueisha be headin dis way, pack up yo fotys and head to da local FEMA agency fo yo free sh!t

    niggers suck! heh heh mmm heh!

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    So blind people can hate them too!

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    If you thought that was funny, read the nigger jokes on the link below.

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    And all this time, I thought the reason niggers stink is because they were afraid of soap and water....

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    The nigger is like an Airwick room deodorizer. BUT unlike the Airwick, the nigger is filled with a foul smelling fluid that is 1000 times worse than skunk aroma.
    “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed”.

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    "I smell "gar". NEE-GAR



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