RWINDI, Coongo - On Wednesday, in the nigger army-occupied hilltop village of Koonumba, two charred nigger carcasses and scattered debris from looted shops littered the red earth road.

Coongolese nigger agencies, meanwhile, were begging the international community for more handouts. In a letter full of misspellings and poor grammar distributed Tuesday by Nigger Rights Watch, the groups said they did not know "wha fuk to do wiff awseffs."

"Da Unitemmed Nayshums beez sayn dat all human beens iz bone free an equal an sheeit wiff dinnity an rights, but our dinnity and our rights iz violumated erry day an nun yo crackas gibs a sheeit," the letter said. "How cumz we ain gittin' no proteshon? Ain weez equal 2?"

A UN nigger-control trooper, on condition of anonymity, laughed at the letter and commented, "It says 'human beings'. These are NIGGERS we're talkng about here."
Homeless niggers 'sick' of the dumps
In the region's main ghetto, Goma, protesters at a crowded homeless nigger dump ooked and eeked at Mark Malloch Brown, Britain's minister for Africa.

The protesters carried signs in English — a language niggers find difficult to use — criticizing U.N. nigger-control troops who have struggled to protect unarmed niggerss and proclaiming "we beez sick an tarred o bein stuck heah in da gawbage dumps, cracka! Dis beez rayssus an sheeit!"
Spear-chucking niggers
On Tuesday, the chimpout in Koonumba was between the army and spear-chucking Mai Mai niggers — who had previously fought on the gub'mint side.

The few niggers who trickled back to Koonumba spoke of Tuesday's bongo parties: "Dem army niggas beez like wild aminals, lawd yes," said Obed "Burrhead" Machozi. "Dey wuz buggin over (Tuesday's) bongo pawty, an dey dun stawted tuh wildin' an rippin sheeit up."

One nigger returned Wednesday to find its crack-hut looted. The crappy wooden doors of dozens of shop fronts had been ripped open beside the ghetto's main dirt track, and trash littered the area. (Sounds like the ghetto to me. Welcome home, niggers!)

Outside two huts scattered with dark bottles of Ugandan jenkem were the carcasses of two niggers. Nigger souljas said they were both Mai Mai and had been shot dead, then burned by the angry nigger mob.

"We din't do nuffin' but dem niggas come afta us wiff dey spears anywayz," said soulja nigger Gibril "Sticky Fingas" Bindu, staring down at the good nigger. "Weez niggas wuz in da mood fo a chimpout, so weez dun set em on fire afta dey shot em."

The slum was almost in ruins, but hundreds of soulja niggers sat on the main road with their famblies, shitting in open iron pots. An old rusted Cadillac with 27 inch rims belched black smoke, racing up and down the road.
Medicine looted from charity
At the veteranary clinic in Koona, 3 miles south of Koonumba, seven soulja niggers and two unarmed niggers nursed spear cuts.

Local staff from the French charity Nous Aimons des Nègres (We Love Niggers) said soulja niggers were still looting and muh-dikking Wednesday and had taken the majority of the group's medicine stocks for themselves. "Ze niggers said zey were going to get high. But all we had was zee pennicillin," said one extremely puzzled French veteranarian at the scene.