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    Default Sheboon likes white boys

    niggers aren't human, and they stink - Who's with me on this one ? Major Chimp-out

    Dr. LaTrine Jakscoon, PhD
    Professor of Niggerology
    British Institute of Advanced Nigger Studies

    1-888-FUK NGRS

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    Dirty nigger piece of shit.

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    Nothing suprising here. Most niggers understand that white is superior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klinger View Post
    Nothing suprising here. Most niggers understand that white is superior.
    Agreed, every nigger wishes for a White partner, every dirty damn ape one of them. That's why I don't believe they were raped in the slavery days, a sheboon would view this as a major step in evolution (it knew it instinctively). Nigger buck is the most disloyal animal out there, it's not there for it's female or nigglets.

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    Unfortunately this is all too common. Living in the area that I do, I've had the severe displeasure of being flirted with by many shenigs. Many of them perfectly understand how absolutely worthless nigger bucks are, and will do anything to get out of their situation. Highschool was horrible, not only the amount of niggers I had to deal with but the amount of shenigs that wanted white dick and would constantly offer vulgar favors.

    Shenigs, much like bucks, are VERY forward with sexual advances so much that you'd almost have to worry about being raped. I've seen entirely too many nigger STD-holes that I DID NOT ask to see.

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    Nothing makes me madder than when I see a FINE white man with a filthy diseased infested smelly nigger sow! And she can just keep the nigger lover as far as I'm concerned because I'd NEVER full with him after he's screwed a nigger pussy.

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    That sheboon better be careful, or some niggerbuck is gonna bust a cap in her ass for being a "sellout," as she calls it.

    Muh dikk/muh poosie is the center of all nigger's lives. They cannot think about anything else except for violence or food. Very primal instincts. As per usual, they attempt to make their way up the power structure by attempting to copulate with the more advanced beings. However, as we all know, this will never be the case. For the small minority of coalburners/mudsharks, there are many, many human beings that know that fucking a beast will result ultimately in death. And those that do fuck beasts will pay with their lives.

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    Nigger bucks and sows are never faithful to a mating partner. Every story I have heard of niggers mating with niggers or anyone else always has a cheating tale somewhere in it.

    I love my future wife and I am not saying I wouldn't love to be with other women sometimes. But never will. The thing is niggers lack emotion, most of us could go out find the biggest skank and have a night of fun. But a sane person won't. Why hurt the person you love feelings like that. Niggers don't think about this stuff nor do they care.

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    I really can't say anything without repeating what you said KFC, you hit the nail on the head. Niggers have absolutely no compassion for their mating partner, it is just another fuck to them. Read the White Lawyer article where many niggers don't even know their spouses names. I've heard lots of niggers talk (in person) about their "relationships", and never, ever are they faithful in the least. When they DO find out the other is cheating, they don't give a fuck. They also take a lot of pride in it.

    I've never cheated on a woman and I never will. Then again, I'm also human.

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    I really feel sorry for these halfricans, especially this nigger, because it's obvious she's only about 10-20% nigger. She has enough white in her to realize the truth of things, but she's forever a nigger nontheless.



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