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    Default Why do niggers hold guns sideways?

    Is it because of their paws? I don't get it.
    "Political correctness is the sullen revenge of the spiteful, intolerant, and ill-willed dunce upon all the liveliness in this world. It is no more than the humorlessly insincere resort of minds so mediocre that, for them, a revival of Stalinism is preferable to the pain of a glimpse of self-it is the last sigh of the beast that Nietzsche identified as ressentiment."

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    So that their lips don't get in the way?
    "An individual's tolerance for niggers is inversely proportional to their distance from them."

    Dr JT Buckmaster, Bnig, MN, Ph.Nig
    Emeritus Professor of Niggerology
    European Institute of Advanced Nigger Studies (EIANS)

    1-800-FUK NGRS

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    It's because they think it looks cool/gangsta

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    I think it was the movies that started doing that.. Auto held on side and the brass goes flying up and makes a great camera shot.

    Niggers being dumber than a pet rock saw that said "Geez that be kool and shitz" and thats the way they do it.

    Up till Tuesday November 4 2008, I thought the movie “Planet of the Apes” was based on fiction!

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    Now if we could just get them to hold a gun so that they point the barrel towards themselves.....
    It's no longer about Supremacy - it's about Survival.

    When will lawmakers learn that you can't legislate evolution?

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    The same reason they wear their hats sideways, TNB!

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    Because their niggers!

    "Wherever you find the Negro everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the White man you see everything around him improving." --Robert E. Lee, to Col. Thomas H. Carter, May, l865.

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    Because they can't hit jack and have to make up for their lack of skill by trying to look cool.

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    Why do niggers do half of the stupid shit they do? becuase they are niggers!!

    There is no explaining it, Hence this fourm where we try to endlessly try to figure out why the stupid niggers do the shit that they do. I guess it is just a nigger thing!
    "You look fine, here's another" Bernie Goetz
    "Niggers don't committ crimes because they are poor; niggers commit crimes because they are niggers."

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    If niggers learned to use weapons properly we'd all be dead by now!

    The Democrat Party has now officially positioned itself as an enemy of the White Race!
    "Whites oughtta stay with whites and coloreds oughtta stay with coloreds." - Archie Bunker
    "We're gonna give 'em the devil!" - Joe Biden, referring to the Anti-Christ's campaign
    ORDER OF BUSINESS: 1. Negroes 2. Illegal Immigrants 3. Liberals || So let it be written, so let it be done.



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