TSA Full Body Scans at Airports = Nude Photos of you

Just a heads up to everyone who may be travelling by air anytime soon....the TSA is starting to give passengers the option of stepping into their Full Body Scanner intead of submitting to a pat down type search.

This scanner takes full body NUDE images of you. The images are better than simple photos because they include 3D data of your nude body. The representative images posted on the TSA website are NOT the full resolution images that the screener sees. Those images are very detailed and very clear in all respects.

The TSA is also saying that they are not saving your body scan data attached to your identity. An insider attached to the progame indicates that they plan is to save all biometric and body scan data on citizens.

You have the right to REFUSE the microwave full body scan when going through airport security. I would advise you to refuse this.