CULTURE BUZZ – A long-simmering YouTube meme: The boob punch. G4’s Attack of the Show categorizes the various types of boob punches, from the comedic mis-slap to the potentially tissue-damaging. Disturbing trend or hilarious meme? You get to judge.

The Best Links:
  1. “Cuz you know punching a woman in the breasts is so funny, har har.”
  2. What Is This Boob Punching You Speak Of?
  3. No One Punches Boob Like Michael Cera
  4. Self Boob Punching
  5. Surprise Boob Slap!!
  6. The Most Timid Boob Punch of This Collection
  7. This Looks Painful
  8. This Actually Just Looks Like Abuse
  9. Boob Punching. It Makes Us Giggle
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