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    Default Niggers have no cooth

    So I'm home fresh from the Carribean enjoying the beautiful spring Texas evening. I hear a disturbance go out my front door to see 2 nigger bucks fighting two houses down in the front yard. I call my neighbor who is out of town whose house they are half fighting in to let him know that I think maybe some people from his roommates party are fighting..

    Next thing I hear my wife yelling one of the buck's sows has come over torn my flag from it's flagpole. She also threw a cup of piss on my front door.

    I walk straight out the door gun holstered and call the fuckers out. Long story short I knocked the fucking nigger right the hell out head bouncing off the concrete turned to the other niggers asked if they wanted some.

    Of course typicial nigger fashion they back off. The whole neighborhood is out watching this as I put one nigger to sleep and call the others forward. Cops show up haul the niggers to jail the sow runs off before they show but the neighbors got her plates.

    Nigger sow bitch tore my flag from it's post man I'm still so pissed. Oh well at least I know 2 nigger bucks will sleep tonight in Travis County jail thanks to me & when the one wakes up he will be hurting like hell. I hit the fucker with everything while kicking him in muh dick he went down head bounced off the pavement out.... cold..

    The point of my story? Niggers a bunch of babble no squabble. Fuck them all.............

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    U nited
    N igger
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    C ollection And
    E radication
    F oundation

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    It's liberating when you can beat on a nigger
    I would have lost my nerve over the flag being torn down... I mean why would a nigger sow do that?
    Be careful niggers often retaliate in numbers, be prepared and inform your neighbors.

    YOU RULE!!!
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    Good job man. Hope they get the nigger bitch for destroying private property.

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    Was it a Rebel flag Texas or what .
    Fucking niggers you better get them the fuck out of site or this shit will
    get out of control.
    Dumbfuckingnigger Should be one word.

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    great job!

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    Superb job! I hope that nigger's head didn't damage the sidewalk
    "An individual's tolerance for niggers is inversely proportional to their distance from them."

    Dr JT Buckmaster, Bnig, MN, Ph.Nig
    Emeritus Professor of Niggerology
    European Institute of Advanced Nigger Studies (EIANS)

    1-800-FUK NGRS

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    was it a rebel flag good job on beating that niggers ass
    stuka pilot

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    It is a shame they did not take the nigger up to Williamson county. (For the Texas geography impaired) Travis county, where I lived for twenty plus years, is libtard central. On the other hand, Williamson county, nextdoor has a long history of quashing monkeyshines and tnb. Sometimes the niggers never make it out of county lockup.
    NIGGER FACT: In 1934, Albert Einsteins janitor, Rastus Ignormus, published a competing "Theory of special relativity". Rastus postulated that "raping yo relatives be very special". Rastus went on to the groundbreaking "Unified Muy Dik Theory", which is considered to be the hallmark of modern rape.

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    awseome job for putting that nigger in its place, hope the police catch the fat sow niggers to



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