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    Default When will people stop giving niggers their way?

    It never fails.

    You can bet that if a nigger does a big enough chimpout, everyone is going to fall in line and give it whatever it wants just to shut it up! This costs everyone hard earned money, and it has GOT TO STOP!!!

    Here's what brought this on;

    This morning I was on my way to work. I stopped in at a supermarket a few blocks away from the shop to take advantage of their in store gourmet coffee stand and $6.99 per lb breakfast bar. After getting my breakfast weighed and paying for it, I sat down at the seating area to watch the liberals on CNN wrap their lips around Obongo's member when a huge she boon sat down at the table next to mine. She had a HUGE plate of breakfast. I was stunned because there had to be like close to thirty dollars worth of food there! I was thinking, "The welfare payments are way too high if she can afford that much food."

    At that point, a security guard approached her and said, "Um, ma'am? Uh, you didn't pay for that breakfast. You're going to have to have it weighed so you can be charged for it."

    She held up her small buck twenty cup of coffee and said, "Ah dun payd fo' a cup o' kawfee!"

    I didn't know what that had to do with anything but the guard seemed to know. "A cup of coffee does not entitle you to a free breakfast. You have to get it weighed so they know what to charge you." For anyone keeping track, that was the second time he told her that.

    Any normal human that would have been called for that kind of assumption would have been mortified and tried to correct the situation in a civilized manner. But we are not talking about a civilized human being here. We're talking about a nigger. Without even an apology she said, "A'ight. Ah pays fo' it afta' ah eets it."

    For the third time, the security guard explained to her that it doesn't work that way. In order to know how much to charge, it first has to be weighed and then paid for.

    I knew that inevitable chimpout was coming. "AH DUN TOLE YOU AH PAYS FO IT AFTA AH EETS IT!!!"

    He tried one more time, "The breakfast bar costs $6.99 a pound. You have to get it weighed before you eat it so that you can be charged the right amount of money."

    You can guess that the head started bobbling and the ook ook, akk akking started in earnest. It went along the lines of, "Oook ook akk akk, das too much munny, bappa bappa, wah ah gosta pay dat much, eek eek ook ook, racist mudafukka, I doan see you aksin dis waht boi to pay fo his!" she pointed at me when she said it.

    I held up my receipt and said, "He didn't have to. I paid for mine already."

    Before you knew it the noise was so incredible it drew the attention of all the managers on duty. And before I knew it, she was allowed to sit down and eat her breakfast... on the house!

    If this keeps up, you can bet that the prices are going to be raised to accommodate all the niggers who will be swarming that place to get their free breakfast buffet.

    Again I have to ask, when will people stop giving niggers their way?!?

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    This is such a sad story. You can thank all the nigger loving white people for allowing niggers to GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING.

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    Absolutely disgusting. Restuarant owners shouldn't be forced to even allow these animals on the premesis. If I had been the manager, I'd've told that fat sow to pay up. If I kept getting those monkeyshines, I would call the cops. And I would definitely press charges. By doing what they did, they will be up to their eyeballs in niggers, and will lose all the paying, human customers.

    When dealing with niggers, you're dealing with a three year old.

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    I saw the same thing at a Wal-Mart here. There's two mama sows that come there and fill their carts up with merch and try to get out the door. Then they scream their heads off, I mean really loud and they always have piglets with them.

    I was at the check out getting some stuff when they started up. The cashier girl whispered to me that they always do that, claim that they didn't get a receipt and are sent to customer service. They screamed so loud, MF this and MF that and racist this and that, etc.

    I stuck around to see what would happen. Did they get arrested, did the cops come? No, the manager let them go, again, rather than be accused of being a racist.

    Must have been $300 or more worth of merch there.
    I'm just here to be white!

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    This is yet another example of what affirmative action has helped to create. You think it's bad now? Just wait 'til November..........
    "If I have seen farther than other men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants" - Sir Isaac Newton

    "Self-praise is a poor recommendation." - My Grandma


    Normal color means it's me, feel free to argue!

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    How disgusting!! That sow should've been kicked to the curb and the police called to haul its ass off to jail. The security guard didn't need to waste his time with this boon and could have called 911!! Someone needs to tell him how to make his job easier!

    True Definition Terms
    Recession - When your neighbor loses his job
    Depression - When you lose your job
    Recovery - When Obongo loses his job

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    I certainly don't tolerate them, or the nigger-tolerators who make excuses for them.

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    They should have called the law and pressed charges. Did you complain ?? How come that beast is allowed to come in here and eat for free while I have to pay ? That is racist !!

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    Humoring the beasts will only make them worse. Look for that sow to return with its entire fambly.

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    If you or I were to do the same thing (start eating w/o paying) we would have been taken to a back room and fined later.

    The sad part is that such behavior is rewarded which means as long as its tolerated it will get worse and worse.

    Avoiding bad press is not worth incouraging niggers to come to your place with their nigger entitlement for freefood. Thats not the type of creatures you want to attract to your business. Meanwhile everything they give free to the whiny niggers iis something they raise the price on.The result is higher prices to paying customers.

    They need to prosecute every boon and buck that they can. Hell if I heard of any store giving niggers a hard time, and the niggers boycotted such an establishment, I would become a loyal customer of that place.

    At least then it would be a nigger free place.
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    The Egyptians made the Pyramids.
    The Chinese made the great wall.
    The Incans made Machu Pichu.
    Romans made highways and aquaducts.
    Caucasians made the Cathedrals.

    The only thing that nigger's have made are excuses, and even that comes out poorly.



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