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    Default Cars that only niggers would drive

    While waiting on a busy street today I was glancing at the cars, eventually this all silver Hummer with huge silver rims jetted by (over the speed limit of course).

    At the exact moment I saw it I thought to myself "niggers", sure enough I look in the windows and it's a gold toofed Buck driving and a nappy headed sow in the passenger.

    That got me thinking, no sane human would ever get caught driving something like that. So that brings up my question, What are some cars that only niggers drive?

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    The original Hyundai!!!! Remember when those P.O.S's came out? They were selling for around 4500 bucks loaded, every welfare nigger in da hood wuz sportin a new ride back then. Hyundai must've made billions selling those to all our niggers.
    If guns kill people, mine are all defective.
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    Don't forget the LIME-GREEN CADILLAC, with super shiny rims, ultra skinny tires, fake zebra fur seat covers, lots of extra chrome bling detailing, and a double whammy extra loud bass sound system, just to let you know that "he be drivin dat kaa so u betuh be lookin" and you can hear it coming a mile away...

    But of course he can't work cuz "da meskins dey be takin all de jobs", and he lives in section 8 housing and eats food stamp food because he can't afford to pay for his own way, can't afford to support his 5 children from the 4 baby mommas he impregnated and he can only get by in life with a handout...

    Your tax dollars at work...
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    Here in Dallas most niggers drive late model top of the line SUV's. The ones not in nice SUV's drive ghetto hoopties, not out of need but on purpose. Credit is easy if you are a nigger. No nigger here ever gets a fuel efficient car, they all drive the most outrageous gas guzzlers made.
    Working people can't buy new cars any more but welfare parasites all speed around in Escalades and Land Rovers.
    Remember the Alamo!

    Your quality of life is in direct proportion to the amount of niggers you are forced to share it with.

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    Idk about cars but the only vehicle a nigger should be riding in is this:

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    The Cadillac escalde is a real nigmobile, but the stupidest vehicle i've seen lately is a lincoln pick up truck...
    this just SCREAMS nigger:

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    But THIS is the only car a nigger should be riding in ...

    Tolerance for niggershines is inversely proportional to exposure to niggershines.

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    Pimped out nigger coffin

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    An old piece of shit caddy with giant rims and those really thin tires.If the rims cost more than the car you know it's a nigger.The paint job either has to be lime green or any sort of flashy color.A giant decal on the back window that says some random nigger slogan and it must have a 400 pound bleach blonde coalburner dressed in tight low-rider jeans and a tube top in the passenger seat.

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    A flashy niggermobile like an Excalade or a Hummer or BMW or anything that costs more than the nigger shack they live in is worth.

    A good friend who made a huge sum of money financing cars to niggers at a BMW dealership in the heart of niggertown, P.G. county MD just outside D.C., asked a nigger one time why it was so important to have a flashy car yet live in a nigger cabin. And, I kid you not the answer was:

    "Coz you can LIVE in yo' car but you caint DRIVE yo house!"
    Nigger logic at its finest.
    Shorty got yo money!



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