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    Default Why Did God Create Niggers?

    I mean why? Did he forget to make them equal? Did he forget to flush the toilet? Is it their destiny to be human 456,000 years from now? Why did God create niggers seriously? What's a world without niggers? Are we destined to eliminate them all? I'm 21 years old, and I wish we would be done with niggers in my lifetime. If God made them so we can bash them and exploit them with every breath,how come some cowards too scared to admit it? I know fleshly desires seek to own the beast and control it but when will be the day we just stop the silly games and be done with them? Is that what God wants us to do or what? I know for a fact that we shouldn't deprive ourselves from the pleasure that comes when you can sinserely accept and realise the mighty blessings we humans have over it. Perhaps that's the purpose of the beast? To remind us of how blessed we are? I know damn well how easy it is to be like a beast. I'll rather experience the pains of being a man though. Fuck niggerlovers and the lagging of evolution they have caused. = ) !

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    When I was young, the nigger family down the road told me that God cursed Ham and they are his decendents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inherited View Post
    When I was young, the nigger family down the road told me that God cursed Ham and they are his decendents.
    So Ham was checking out his father after he passed out off too much wine,Noah was naked and laying there. So Ham comes up and starts making fun of his nudity etc.. ( muh dik) And then his other Son covered him up. I think that's pretty much how it went in the Bible.

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    So liberals would have pets?
    Gib dat nigger 2 weeks o' choppin cotton and see how his attitude changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Belle View Post
    So liberals would have pets?
    I think it may be the other way around, with that one.

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    So if Ham did that, now it explains why niggers beez saying how ''they used to flyyy n sheeeyit'' Until the man came with the act of dignity of clothing his father. Cutting the nigger's wings off perhaps? And now it's like we humans gotta pay the penalty of leadership. Maybe Noah's other son shoulda done way more that day by covering every angle of the situation before God made the decision of cursing Ham. Than maybe God would've said something like. I shall extinguish ye for eternity. Lol.

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    Just to set the record straight....

    God didn't make Niggers.

    God made all creatures big and small, those that fly and crawl and swim - but God didn't make Niggers.

    The Devil made Niggers.

    Either that, or Space Aliens came to Earth 100,000 years ago and fucked monkeys!

    %$# Niggers!


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    In the Old Testament angels fathered children with human women, making giants and other abominations. Maybe that's where they came from, demon spawn. I usually don't take the Old Testament literally, but that sounds about right to me. ;)
    The sons of our greatest nations are a pariah in their midst.

    Truth and justice have been trodden to dust by liberal boot heels under a flag of multiculturalism.

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    They are not God's no more that's for damn sure. No matter how much Roman Catholic doctrine they try to soak into that simian thick skull that they have. Bible talks in alot of metaphors. Some say they come from Ham, so it keeps the world wondering. But if according to the Bible and people's interpretation, they rose from Ham,God sure disinheritated them from his branches a mighty long time ago. Kinda like the Devil himself who was once God's best angel. Now he got the niggers to fend off loneliness, goddamn oildriller! = )

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    Not that we are even supposed to be able to understand how and why God does things, but can't you see the similarities between niggers and other negative parts of creation? Asking why He created niggers is the wrong question. The right questions is: What has God taught us about how to deal with things like niggers? Consider these questions?

    Why did God create diseases?
    Why did God create pain?
    Why did God create mosquitoes?
    Why did God make it so that we have to work to eat?

    The lesson is that we are supposed to actively work to eliminate niggers and nigger-shines, just as we have to actively work to be healthy. Niggers are just another disease.

    The philosphy of "tolerance" and "equality" being shoved down our throats by the libtards is tantamount to a philosophy that would shun vaccines and encourage people to get small-pox and polio.



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